Longbow is a archery game for mobiles and the web.

Adjust your aim, draw your arrow, and strike distant targets to score big!

Shoot for the bullseye in the village, knock over targets on the castle wall, or destroy barrels from horseback along the 4 mile stretch of mountainous terrain. Longbow's three distinct stages are easy to learn but challenging to master. You'll need to consider the wind, distance, and even your trusty steed's speed to consistently score high! Can you shoot an apple off someone's head? Turn a scarecrow into a pin cushion? These challenges and more await!

  • Use your fingers to aim and draw your bow.
  • Three difficulty levels for each game mode. (Try expert mode for an extra challenge!)
  • Online leaderboards!
  • Detailed 3D graphics and sound!
  • Looks great on phones, tablets, and in the browser.

Can you master the bow and become a true archer?

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Longbow Android Screenshot

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